Needful Notions

Blog1Every knitter knows you need more than just needles and yarn to get by. We picked out a few necessary items that can come in handy for any crafty person.


Fiber to Fabric Magic Needle Keepers have become an absolute favorite at the shop! The perfect way to prevent your stitches from slipping off of your circular needles when you throw your project in your bag in between knitting sessions. They also keep your needle tips from stabbing your knitting!


This handy Knitting Accessory Kit by Clover is the perfect starter pack for a beginner! It contains a great collection of basic knitting tools such as stitch markers, stitch holders, tape measure, point protectors, row counter, and a needle gauge. Every item in here is bound to come in handy as you expand your knitting vocabulary.

The (in)famous Knit Kit is another great package of knitting essentials with the added bonus of coming in a compact case that’s perfect for travel, or just grab & go for all your summer errands!

Keep your hand made items looking fresh and neat with the Gleener Fuzz Remover. It removes pills and fuzz balls from the fabric and even works as the best lint brush ever. And yes, use it on cushions and car seats too!


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