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Embracing The Granny Square!

The 1970’s were particularly crafty times for my family.  I had 3 sisters, a brother, an artist/crafter father, and a mom who never stopped making.  We had little money, and back then it was actually cheaper to make things ourselves (sigh).

In between macrame plant holders and latch hook rugs, we were stuck on crochet. We made lots of these:

gs5 Vintage vest from the 1970’s found on Etsy.

I loved making  projects with my family in our attempt to stay fashion forward.

So now the granny is back (many of my friends are grannies now, so it’s fitting!).  But, as always in the fashion world, it has been tweaked, refined, and used in unusual ways like:

Crochet dress-Moschino Resort 2017, Crochet dress-Alejandra Alonso Rojas 2017,  Men’s sweater-J W Anderson Fall 2017.  BTW, those shoes are taking the GS a bit far-but that’s how it goes on the runway (hope he didn’t slip)!

I saw all of this going on in the periphery with “oh no, not again” in my head.  But then a beautiful thing happened.  I noticed my extreme makerist friend, Ana Petrova, making tiny granny squares with very fine yarn and a tiny hook.  These delicate little squares, just under 2″ each, transformed the once clunky grannies into items of elegance.

20170615_152954 (1)

I was so taken by these beauties, and was certain that the GS had come back to my future.  I wanted the tiny lovelies to be mine!  So, here I am…me and the granny…in love…again!  Here’s my attempt made with Lang Mille Colori Baby fingering yarn on a C hook.

20170616_170842 (1)

I love these little jewels so much that I begged Ana (who does not teach much anymore) to teach a  GS class, and she said yes!

20170615_153110-1.jpg You can sign up here if you have the GS urge too!

I have been so happy working on these squares, thinking of my family laughing and goofing around.  I warms my heart to know we were hip makers before our time!


Here we are in all of our 1976 glory (I am the goofy one on the far left)!



It all started innocently enough.  I had just finished 2 big projects that had hard deadlines.  It was like cramming for finals.  I freakin’ Wonder Womaned it and raced to the finish.

Then I was done…with no more projects…nothing on the needles…empty project nest…hell on earth.

I skulked into the shop not sure I could make it through another projectless minute. Then, a miracle occurred. The new 5th Anniversary issue of Pom Pom arrived!  Oh, brighter days were ahead for sure!


I voraciously combed through the pages and came upon this beauty:


A comfy cozy sweater called “Soiree” by Emily Foden.  I picked out the perfect yarn and all was well.  But wait, what about that project from Pom Pom Spring 2017 that I have been lusting over?


“Tinea” by Rachel Brockman had been calling my name like a distant siren…

Ok, I’ll start 2 projects – it will be fun!!  So, I picked out the gorgeous organic, US made and milled Jagger Green Line yarn in just the right shades and got started.

But, OMG, look at that delicious new pattern by Lisa Hannes called “Martha’s Meadow!”

20170609_073559It’s geometric, but soft and textured.  I really don’t think I can live without it!  And, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use my Left Coast Dyeworks Urban Lux Papel Picado colorway. And look how perfect Neighborhood Fiber Company’s Luxury Capital Lace goes with it!!  Could life get any better?  I think not!

So now I have 3 new projects and am happily distracted from all the troubles of the outside world.

Life is good!


Are You Ready for Some Tree Scouts?!

We are excited to announce our
TKTLA Tree Scouts starting this summer!

Tree Scouts Beret

What are Tree Scouts?  Join me this summer to build your crafting knowledge. As a Tree Scout, you will try a new craft every Sunday from 2-4pm (starting on Sunday, July 9th). The first project is our sash of course! I’m going to assume that most of you know how to knit. This is a very easy  scarf on the bias that is then joined at the bottom. You can find the sash pattern at the end of the blog post.

The best part is that you can decorate your sash with button badges that you have earned for each skill!!

Besides knitting the sash, some of the other projects for button badges include:

  • Crocheting our beret
  • Embroidering our troop number (Troop 1031!)
  • Macrame bracelet
  • Tunisian crochet headband
  • Weaving coasters (and much more!!)

You will receive full instructions on the skills you need to make each project. You will also get to hang out with other like-minded crafters wearing their sashes and berets! I wonder who will get the most badge buttons????

At the end of the summer there will be a ceremony (party) to honor all Tree Scouts!

Join today at:

Please make your sash before our first meeting on July 9th. Our colors are brown for the sash,  and green for the beret.  However, feel free to express yourself with whatever colors you’d like!

Cost: $10 per week (not including materials) OR $75 if you sign up for all 8!*
*Please note that we will provide any special materials for a small fee. 

Materials for Sash:  Approx. 200 yards of worsted weight yarn for the sash.  I used a Cascade 220 heather.  Size 8 needle, or needle to obtain gauge.  Gauge = 4 sts/in in Garter St.


Tree Scouts Sash


Pattern for Tree Scout Sash:

Cast on 28 sts (or more if your “girls” need more coverage)

Row1: (WS) knit

Row 2: (RS) Kfb, knit to the last 2 sts, K2tog, place marker on the right side of your work (your pattern row)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until piece measures approx. 50″

Sew as indicated in photo.

Wear proudly!

Tree Scout Pledge:

On my honor, I pledge to craft to the best of my ability

to weave and tuck in ends cleanly

to maintain a sunny disposition (unless my cat has eaten my needles again!)

to help out a fellow scout in need

and to follow directions, but bust a groove when the spirit moves me!

Annette Tree Scout