It all started innocently enough.  I had just finished 2 big projects that had hard deadlines.  It was like cramming for finals.  I freakin’ Wonder Womaned it and raced to the finish.

Then I was done…with no more projects…nothing on the needles…empty project nest…hell on earth.

I skulked into the shop not sure I could make it through another projectless minute. Then, a miracle occurred. The new 5th Anniversary issue of Pom Pom arrived!  Oh, brighter days were ahead for sure!


I voraciously combed through the pages and came upon this beauty:


A comfy cozy sweater called “Soiree” by Emily Foden.  I picked out the perfect yarn and all was well.  But wait, what about that project from Pom Pom Spring 2017 that I have been lusting over?


“Tinea” by Rachel Brockman had been calling my name like a distant siren…

Ok, I’ll start 2 projects – it will be fun!!  So, I picked out the gorgeous organic, US made and milled Jagger Green Line yarn in just the right shades and got started.

But, OMG, look at that delicious new pattern by Lisa Hannes called “Martha’s Meadow!”

20170609_073559It’s geometric, but soft and textured.  I really don’t think I can live without it!  And, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use my Left Coast Dyeworks Urban Lux Papel Picado colorway. And look how perfect Neighborhood Fiber Company’s Luxury Capital Lace goes with it!!  Could life get any better?  I think not!

So now I have 3 new projects and am happily distracted from all the troubles of the outside world.

Life is good!


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