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Embracing The Granny Square!

The 1970’s were particularly crafty times for my family.  I had 3 sisters, a brother, an artist/crafter father, and a mom who never stopped making.  We had little money, and back then it was actually cheaper to make things ourselves (sigh).

In between macrame plant holders and latch hook rugs, we were stuck on crochet. We made lots of these:

gs5 Vintage vest from the 1970’s found on Etsy.

I loved making  projects with my family in our attempt to stay fashion forward.

So now the granny is back (many of my friends are grannies now, so it’s fitting!).  But, as always in the fashion world, it has been tweaked, refined, and used in unusual ways like:

Crochet dress-Moschino Resort 2017, Crochet dress-Alejandra Alonso Rojas 2017,  Men’s sweater-J W Anderson Fall 2017.  BTW, those shoes are taking the GS a bit far-but that’s how it goes on the runway (hope he didn’t slip)!

I saw all of this going on in the periphery with “oh no, not again” in my head.  But then a beautiful thing happened.  I noticed my extreme makerist friend, Ana Petrova, making tiny granny squares with very fine yarn and a tiny hook.  These delicate little squares, just under 2″ each, transformed the once clunky grannies into items of elegance.

20170615_152954 (1)

I was so taken by these beauties, and was certain that the GS had come back to my future.  I wanted the tiny lovelies to be mine!  So, here I am…me and the granny…in love…again!  Here’s my attempt made with Lang Mille Colori Baby fingering yarn on a C hook.

20170616_170842 (1)

I love these little jewels so much that I begged Ana (who does not teach much anymore) to teach a  GS class, and she said yes!

20170615_153110-1.jpg You can sign up here if you have the GS urge too!

I have been so happy working on these squares, thinking of my family laughing and goofing around.  I warms my heart to know we were hip makers before our time!


Here we are in all of our 1976 glory (I am the goofy one on the far left)!


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