Pumpkin Yarn Bombing Contest

Yarn Bomb a pumpkin! The Knitting Tree, L.A., invites you to transform the noble gourd into a festive and artistic work of art. Make it fun and family friendly for the cooler autumn season.  Use your imagination to think of what a pumpkin can become. Serious or silly? Traditional or cutting edge? Just follow the yarn to express yourself.

pumpkin yarn bomb 2017

Entries may be comprised of more than one artificial pumpkin as long as the maximum display size (below) is not exceeded. This activity is open to all ages. There will be no separation of age groups or skill sets. Please adhere to the Pumpkin Yarn Bomb guidelines. Enter your creative pumpkin and win some awesome prizes!!

Dates to be aware of:

  • October 18 – October 22: Entries will be accepted at TKTLA
  • October 25 – November 5: Pumpkins will be on display in TKTLA front window area
  • October 29: Big Sunday celebration with announcement of winners for award categories.
  • November 6 – November 12: Pumpkins will be picked up by entrants.*
    *Please note that any pumpkins left after Nov. 12 will be disposed of.


Award categories include Best in Show, Best Use of Yarn, Most Creative, and The Great Pumpkin. We can’t wait to see all the creative pumpkins everyone will make!



Are You Ready for Some Tree Scouts?!

We are excited to announce our
TKTLA Tree Scouts starting this summer!

Tree Scouts Beret

What are Tree Scouts?  Join me this summer to build your crafting knowledge. As a Tree Scout, you will try a new craft every Sunday from 2-4pm (starting on Sunday, July 9th). The first project is our sash of course! I’m going to assume that most of you know how to knit. This is a very easy  scarf on the bias that is then joined at the bottom. You can find the sash pattern at the end of the blog post.

The best part is that you can decorate your sash with button badges that you have earned for each skill!!

Besides knitting the sash, some of the other projects for button badges include:

  • Crocheting our beret
  • Embroidering our troop number (Troop 1031!)
  • Macrame bracelet
  • Tunisian crochet headband
  • Weaving coasters (and much more!!)

You will receive full instructions on the skills you need to make each project. You will also get to hang out with other like-minded crafters wearing their sashes and berets! I wonder who will get the most badge buttons????

At the end of the summer there will be a ceremony (party) to honor all Tree Scouts!

Join today at: theknittingtreela.com

Please make your sash before our first meeting on July 9th. Our colors are brown for the sash,  and green for the beret.  However, feel free to express yourself with whatever colors you’d like!

Cost: $10 per week (not including materials) OR $75 if you sign up for all 8!*
*Please note that we will provide any special materials for a small fee. 

Materials for Sash:  Approx. 200 yards of worsted weight yarn for the sash.  I used a Cascade 220 heather.  Size 8 needle, or needle to obtain gauge.  Gauge = 4 sts/in in Garter St.


Tree Scouts Sash


Pattern for Tree Scout Sash:

Cast on 28 sts (or more if your “girls” need more coverage)

Row1: (WS) knit

Row 2: (RS) Kfb, knit to the last 2 sts, K2tog, place marker on the right side of your work (your pattern row)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until piece measures approx. 50″

Sew as indicated in photo.

Wear proudly!

Tree Scout Pledge:

On my honor, I pledge to craft to the best of my ability

to weave and tuck in ends cleanly

to maintain a sunny disposition (unless my cat has eaten my needles again!)

to help out a fellow scout in need

and to follow directions, but bust a groove when the spirit moves me!

Annette Tree Scout




Needful Notions

Blog1Every knitter knows you need more than just needles and yarn to get by. We picked out a few necessary items that can come in handy for any crafty person.


Fiber to Fabric Magic Needle Keepers have become an absolute favorite at the shop! The perfect way to prevent your stitches from slipping off of your circular needles when you throw your project in your bag in between knitting sessions. They also keep your needle tips from stabbing your knitting!


This handy Knitting Accessory Kit by Clover is the perfect starter pack for a beginner! It contains a great collection of basic knitting tools such as stitch markers, stitch holders, tape measure, point protectors, row counter, and a needle gauge. Every item in here is bound to come in handy as you expand your knitting vocabulary.

The (in)famous Knit Kit is another great package of knitting essentials with the added bonus of coming in a compact case that’s perfect for travel, or just grab & go for all your summer errands!

Keep your hand made items looking fresh and neat with the Gleener Fuzz Remover. It removes pills and fuzz balls from the fabric and even works as the best lint brush ever. And yes, use it on cushions and car seats too!


Community of Knitters: Yarny New Year’s Resolutions


We asked our community of knitters and crocheters (some of whom are pictured above, at our Branch Gallery opening reception) what their yarny new year’s resolutions were, and here’s what they had to say:

“Learn brioche, knit something for my husband, and make lots of socks.”

-Megan, 33, mom

“Write my own steeked cardigan pattern.”

-Alex, 23, program assistant

“Figure out how to knit a sweater that is in a childhood picture of mine.”

-Sonny, 55, landscaper

“Buy, buy, buy, and knit, knit, knit. Also give away old stash and start anew.”

-Laurie, nana

“Complete some of the projects that I started in 2015.”

-Chris, 54, yarn dude

“Use up my stash, learn to crochet, and knit more baby clothes and accessories.”

-Brenda, 62, eligibility worker for L.A. County

“Go on more knitting trips.”

-Ana, 73, race car driver

“Learn to tapestry crochet, be a more creative knitter, and deplete my stash so I can buy more yarn at The Knitting Tree, L.A.”

-Natalie, attorney

“Finally knit a pair of socks!”

-Aneesa, 23, artist

“Take more classes at The Knitting Tree, L.A. and generously support my favorite yarn store so its business will grow and thrive!”

-Nan, 62, registered nurse

“Make a sweater that is wearable.”


“Limit myself to two open projects at a time. (Ha ha ha!)”

-Deborah, 51


-Alina, 28, musician/yarn seller

“More designing. Finishing what I start! Knitting a sweater for my husband. ❤ ❤ <3”

-Annette, 53, artist

“Be happy with all my projects and knit more for myself.”

-Joyce, 53, senior program manager


Happy New Year from all of us at The Knitting Tree, L.A.!




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Ravelry Roundup: Joji’s Authentic Collection

authentic collection
Clockwise, from left: Big Old Coat, Puntilla, Spectrum.

Buenos Aires-based Joji Locatelli is one of a handful of what I like to term elite Ravelry independent designers. Best known for propelling the oversized pullover to the tips of thousands of knitters’ needles with her aptly named Boxy pattern, Joji has built a large following of dedicated fans around the world. Continue reading “Ravelry Roundup: Joji’s Authentic Collection”

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New in Store: Neons, nettle, and plant-dyed yarn

PicMonkey CollageMaxima

If you saw our Facebook post about it, you know how excited we are to have Manos del Uruguay’s Maxima in stock! Manos is one of our favorite yarn companies, because they back up their saturated colors and soft textures with Fair Trade status.

Continue reading “New in Store: Neons, nettle, and plant-dyed yarn”